Optic networks

Fiber optic tracesí installation

Being one of the first companies in Bulgaria to offer this specific service, BSD Bulgaria is able to adequately meet your needs when it comes to planning, designing and installing Fiber Optics traces.


Unimog with Channel Digger - 20 cm wide trench and simultaneous laying of HDPE pipes for optic cables.

Should you require an installation of the classic fiber optics cables or the modern approach in Blown Fiber, we are the partner of choice for you. Our aim is to fully satisfy our customers, offering and supporting the full lifecycle of an optical fiber installation:

  • Planning and designing the trace by our experienced designers will assure the smooth flow of your project.
  • Installation. BSD Bulgaria has installed hundreds of kilometers of classical optical fiber cables and Prysmian/Nexans specific technology Blown Fiber. We guarantee a smooth and quick process of installing the cables for your network.
  • Optical splices. Our customers are satisfied by the exceptional quality of the optical splices, done by BSDís experienced specialists.
  • Certification/Diagnostics/OTDR. The high quality equipment from Fluke Networks and EXFO Engineering allows our engineers to prepare a comprehensive report for your trace, including OTDR graphs, Loss/Reflection measurement, both for Single Mode and for Multi Mode and up to 260 kilometers.
  • BSD Bulgaria produces fiber optic patch cords and pigtails on your request.

BSD Bulgaria is offering all the services, described above, in the full lifecycle of your project, and also as standalone services, depending on your needs.

Our mission

Our mission is to make our customers satisfied and calm, as we fulfill their needs and expectations with the high quality and reliability of our services.
The company is established in 1993 aiming the telecommunication and energy sector in business.
Our primary business is design, civil works and maintenance of telecom and power producing sites.
Our teams are highly qualified, we use special vehicles and organisational techniques to complete different projects.

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