Mobile & Broadcast Networks


Installation of RF networks

More than 8 years BSD Bulgaria takes a part in full process of developing projects in the field of radio frequency base stations. Work out the projects about cellular networks’ expansion and optimization of all tree based mobile operators – Mobiltel, Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile (Globul), BTC Mobile (Vivacom).

Having our good background in the field of RF installations (including GSM/UMTS/Radio Relays), we are able to plan/install/maintain any specific RF equipment, depending on customers requirements.

BSD Bulgaria actively takes a part in negotiations and legalizations’ processes (Site acquisition), draws up a necessary draughts and plans (Site design), takes a photo and prepares detailed reports about their statements.

BSD Bulgaria builds and installs radio frequency base stations on the territory of hole country and abroad.

At the moment BSD Bulgaria disposes with qualified teams, which could be up to the requirements of services for building a complex communication system.

Commercial and technical teams in BSD Bulgaria offer to their customers the most actual technologies of rapidly changed telecommunication market.


Wireless Broadband Solutions developing

Broadband radio communications have their valuable role in modern world because of the permanent need of transferring voice, data and video. The never stopping growth of these shares on the telecom market brings the need to quickly broaden and further develop radio communication infrastructure.

BSD – Bulgaria Ltd. owns great experience and professionalism in its design, building and deployment – related services:

  • Negotiation and legalization process (Site acquisition);
  • Drawing up all necessary draughts and plans (Site design);
  • Photographing and preparing detailed reports about site’s state;
  • Line Of Sight verification (LOS);



BSD Bulgaria specializes in rope techniques and lifting accessories in a new level. Climbers' techniques allows us to lift your equipment even in the most difficult, high and dangerous places.

We have proven the efectivity of our methods in many of the greatest broadcast and telecom towers in Bulgaria.


RRTS Belogradchik - FM antenna system and painting of steel mast.



RRTS Silistra - complete installation of DVB-T Antenna, feeder and transmitter system for NURTS Digital.



RRTS Zdravets - Plovdiv - complete installation of DVB-T antenna feeder system for Towercom & Hannu Pro.



Building of Mobiltel EAD - Varna - Utilization of rope system for heavy equipment lifting of outdoor base station on 8 stories building.

Our mission

Our mission is to make our customers satisfied and calm, as we fulfill their needs and expectations with the high quality and reliability of our services.
The company is established in 1993 aiming the telecommunication and energy sector in business.
Our primary business is design, civil works and maintenance of telecom and power producing sites.
Our teams are highly qualified, we use special vehicles and organisational techniques to complete different projects.

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