Special vehicles

Our unique special vehicles allows us to reach every muddy point in any solar park in mountains and fields.


Heavy Duty offroad vehicles Land Rover

  • Personnel transportation;
  • Materials transportation;
  • Equipment and machinery transportation.


Quick and safe movement until and in muddy sites saves your time.



We don't lose time to look for our gear.

Ecosolar - Vratsa 2012


Unimog U1400

  • Trencher up to 1600/300 mm;
  • Simultaneous pipe laying;
  • Generator, Doser, Compressor, Loader, 540/1000 rpm PTO;
  • Cable reels attachment

Ecoenergy - Vratsa 2012


Unimog U2450

  • Crane with 5 tons capacities ;
  • 3-way tipper;
  • Offroad delieveries and installations;
  • Cable reels attachment;

RRTS Zdravets - Plovdiv - 5 1/8 inches feeder, roller - 4 tons.


Unimog U1450

  • Crane up to 3 tons;
  • Winch up to 10 tons – for recovery and extraction;
  • 3 way tipper;

British Telecom - extraction of old copper communication backbone cables - Unimog with 10 ton winch.



RRTS Varna /Frangata/ - FM antenna feeder system. Metal bridge connecting the tower with the equipment building. ?

Our mission

Our mission is to make our customers satisfied and calm, as we fulfill their needs and expectations with the high quality and reliability of our services.
The company is established in 1993 aiming the telecommunication and energy sector in business.
Our primary business is design, civil works and maintenance of telecom and power producing sites.
Our teams are highly qualified, we use special vehicles and organisational techniques to complete different projects.

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