BSD Bulgaria is a company specializing in:

•      Complete installation of communication and power structure in different kinds of projects;

•      Installation of photovoltaic panels, meteo stations, video surveillance, access control, site security;

•      Installation and maintenance of telecom sites;

•      Installation and maintenance of radio and television broadcasting sites;

•      Installation of metal constructions;

•      Installation on high metal constructions, antenna – feeder systems etc;

•      Maintenance, repairement, painting of buildings, towers, bridges etc;

•      Transportation to sites with difficult access.

Primary customers:


Schneider Electric - Eco Solar and Eco Energy Vratsa 2012 - 25 MW – DC/MV power cabling, communication, video surveillance, SCADA.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Kaliakra Wind Power Plant – executed communication engineering, video surveillance, SCADA.



Acquisition and construction of fixed sites MSAN for Huawei to Vivacom;

GPON sites in Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Wi Max sites for Transtelecom.


3G roll-out Mobiltell;

3G swap – Mobiltell;


Alcatel – Lucent

Installation of fiber optic traces for Vivacom fixed network.

Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile – Globul

In 2003 – effectively involved in rollout of GSM2 – Globul/Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile.



Acquisition and design of GSM sites;

Acquisition, design and construction of MSAN sites;


Maintenance of telecom sites;

Acquisition and design of telecom sites;

Acquisition and installation of fiber optic network;



Repairement, maintenance, painting of towers, bridges etc.

Installation of FM antenna feeder systems for vertical polarization.


Hannu Pro

Civil works, electrical installations for DVB-T network.

Installation of Antenna feeder systems for DVB-T network.


State Agency of National Security - DANS

Complete fiber optic network.

National Assembly - Alexander Batenberg square

· Active equipment, ensuring communication for more than 350 points in the two building of the National assembly;

· 100BaseTX full duplex fiber optic connection between the two buildings of The National assembly;

· Fiber optic backbone cabling between 6 crucial high-traffic points in the Alexander Batenberg square building.


National Assembly - 2, National Assembly square

Complete design, delivery and installation of:

· Active equipment ensuring full commutation for 350 points in the two building of the National assembly;

· Structured Cabling system for 120 points (PC, telephone line and power supply) in the 2, National assembly square building;

National Agency of Acquisitions - Plovdiv

· Full project developing, equipment delivery and building of the communication system.

· Structure Cable Systems Cat 6, screened for 1008 points;

· Active equipment, ensuring full switching of 1008 points;

· Full layer 3 and 4 switching, ensured with 8 CISCO switches.

· UPS systems delivery and integration.


Sofia municipality

· Delivery and installation of fiber optic connections between 5 municipality administrative buildings

· Design and implementation of structured cabling systems in 8 county administrations in Sofia

· Active equipment delivery - Enterasys, Cabletron and Digital Networks

· Air-conditioning in 6 premises

· Delivery of Gigabit active components maintaining the connections between the municipality buildings

Council of Ministers

Participation in designing, supply, installation and support of LAN for The Press center service of the Council of ministers of Bulgaria. Passive cabling system totally implemented with OPEN DECconnect components. Active 3Com equipment delivered as a part of the common 3Com active components environment in The Council of Ministers.


Council of Ministers

Multifunctional hall:

· system for 60 users

· Translating System 4 +1 languages

· Multifunctional vocalization -seminars, conferences, concerts, receptions

· Video system

Delegation of the European commission

· Complete design and delivery of a 230 ports LAN in the new-built edifice of The Delegation of the European commission in Bulgaria

· Cable TV network

· Supply and installation of active components - LAN routers

State commission of Stock Exchange

· SCS in the Vrabtcha street building

· Active equipment delivery

· Air-conditioning in 4 premises



Complete design, delivery and installation of 320 ports SCS in the Vladaiska street building Delivery of central telephone exchange equipment



Building on Kukush Street - termination and certification of SCS in the new-built structure. Delivery of central telephone exchange equipment


Sigma Delta- Malexis, Ami Buie Str.

· Complete delivery and installation of 520 ports structured cabling system - PC and telephone connection

· Central telephone exchange equipment delivery


Epiq Electronic Assembly

· Structured cabling system in the new-built structure in Botevgrad, providing 530 ports

· Fiber optic connection between the existing and the new buildings providing six 1000BaseLX transmitting channels


Electroimpex, George Washington Str.

· Delivery and installation of 300 ports structured cabling system

· Delivery, installation and administration of active equipment for the SCS

ING Bank

· Delivery and installation of Fire wall systems in central office;

· Delivery and installation of electronic transactions system


Hotel Triada – Sofia

· Full delivery and installation of 300 ports structured cabling system;

· Full delivery and installation of TV system;

· Background sound system and Fire alarm system in all rooms

· Network equipment delivery with Internet access control;


Hotel Panorama - Pamporovo

· Full delivery and installation of 120 points phone system;

· Full delivery and tuning of Telephone exchange;

English-american school, Pancharevo

· Complete installation and certification of 303 port structure cabling system;

· Building fiber optic backbone of the Structure cabling system;

· Sound system’s delivery.

Expeqtis Ltd.

RED HOUSE project, building in Gorubliane

· Complete installation and certification of 7200 port structure cabling system;

· Building fiber optic backbone of the Structure cabling system;

· Active equipment’s installation.

Nuclear Power Plant Kozloduj

FDDI grid of Nuclear Power Plant Kozloduj;


Our mission

Our mission is to make our customers satisfied and calm, as we fulfill their needs and expectations with the high quality and reliability of our services.
The company is established in 1993 aiming the telecommunication and energy sector in business.
Our primary business is design, civil works and maintenance of telecom and power producing sites.
Our teams are highly qualified, we use special vehicles and organisational techniques to complete different projects.

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